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Plotting a safe course for Europe’s digital future

Eurosmart brings together key leading figures in Brussels on dawn of Digital Agenda proposing solutions for security and privacy in the digital world more
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European specialists team up to define security standards for next-generation mobile devices

Five partners from industry and academia have joined forces in a European research project, SEPIA (Secure Embedded Platform with advanced Process Isolation and Anonymity capabilities), to define security standards for next-generation mobile devices including high-end cell phones and tablet devices

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GSMA to address spam and fraudulent messaging threats for consumers

The GSMA and Cloudmark Pilot New Spam Reporting Service more
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Wedge Networks announces IoT security and compliance enforcement Security-as-a-Service packages

New security options address critical gaps in enterprise security and enable compelling Security-as-a-Service offerings for MSSPs more
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Samsung KNOX™ keeps evolving to meet changing enterprise needs

Newly evolved secure mobile platform provides enhanced security and new features to address BYOD and enterprise mobility challenges more
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AirWatch marks monumental growth in EMEA markets due to need for comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution

Oriel Petry, global accounts director, UK Trade & Investments, to visit & congratulate AirWatch, Milton Keynes office more
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Thinking Secure? Or Just Feeling Secure? The need to accelerate creative innovation on this side of the law

Nir Zuk, serial entrepreneur & founder, Palo Alto Networks, at NetEvents EMEA Press Summit Barcelona 2011 more
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Nokia malware report shows surge in mobile device infections in 2016

Mobile device infections rose 96 percent in the first half of 2016, reaching an all-time high in April. Smartphones accounted for 78 percent of all mobile network infections. Malware is becoming more sophisticated, utilizing multiple methods to bypass safeguards and take permanent control of devices

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Nokia malware report shows smartphones now account for 60% of infections in the mobile network

Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab report shows iOS-based malware appears on top 20 list for first time with XcodeGhost and FlexiSpy. Android malware more than doubled in last six months of 2015 and is becoming increasingly sophisticated and persistent

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61% of mobile workers trust their employer to keep personal information private on their mobile devices

2015 MobileIron Trust Gap Survey measures employees’ changing expectations of privacy more
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