Sagem Orga and Twinlinx offer first Near Field Communication sticker with phone connectivity

Date: Fri, 11/13/2009 - 15:40

Sagem Orga (Safran group) and Twinlinx are presenting a mobile contactless sticker powered by the Twinlinx “MyMax” and Sagem Orga Java Card™ technologies. This interactive “SIMply Mobile Wallet” sticker adds Near Field Communication (NFC) capability to existing and future mobile phones and can be managed securely over the air (OTA). It is providing help in kick-starting the market and the mass deployment of NFC applications

Sagem Orga and Twinlinx offer first Near Field Communication sticker with phone connectivity

FC has attracted a great deal of interest over the last few years, with many pilots being run throughout the world. However, market acceptance is not progressing due to the lack of NFC phones and mature applications. A contactless mobile sticker added as an accessory to the phone solves this problem by upgrading mobile phones with NFC functionality without users having to change their phones.
“MyMax” is a thin electronic sticker designed by Twinlinx that uses Bluetooth communication to connect to the phone. Sagem Orga offers a complete family of secure contactless cards/chips that can be embedded in the sticker, enabling it to be used in different scenarios. Initially, the Sagem Orga Java Card™ JMV Pro CL will be used as the secure element in the sticker, allowing users to directly interact with the Java Card™ through a mobile application. New services can be added and managed securely over the air (OTA) via the SIMply Mobile Wallet sticker.

The main features are:
  A multi-application environment compliant with Global Platform and allowing various services
  Support for MasterCard and Visa payment applications
  Compatibility with MIFARE technology
  Support for Public Key Infrastructure cryptography 

The SIMply Mobile Wallet solution is compliant with ISO 14443 and therefore with any NFC infrastructure already deployed or planned.  
“The joint solution of Sagem Orga and Twinlinx is paving the way for the development and mass deployment of NFC applications, for example in transport, payment, access control and smart posters,” said Didier Sérodon, Chief Technology Officer at Sagem Orga.
¨We believe that the Sagem Orga Java Card™ contactless chip brings significant value to our MyMax NFC mobile sticker,” said Jacek Kowalski CEO of Twinlinx. “The flexibility of a Java Card™ and the compatibility with Global Platform will open up the NFC market and new ways of offering services in a secure way, including the potential to issue ‘white stickers,’ where applications can be added after issuance,” he added.

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