The FTTH Council Europe welcomes Operator Observers in aim to further push for FTTH adoption in Europe

Date: Mon, 06/27/2016 - 16:36

The FTTH Council Europe is pleased to announce that INEA, SIRO and ViaEuropa have recently joined the organisation as Operator Observers. The Operator Observer initiative is part of the FTTH Council Europe’s growth strategy to place additional focus on telecoms operators in the coming years

The FTTH Council Europe welcomes Operator Observers in aim to further push for FTTH adoption in Europe

President Ronan Kelly

Image credited to the FTTH Council Europe

The FTTH Council Europe welcomes three new Operator Observers to the organisation: INEA, a Polish alternative telecommunications operator, SIRO, an Irish wholesale FTTH-only operator, and ViaEuropa, a Swedish broadband network operator. They join existing Operator Observers in bringing their valuable knowledge to the organisation. The Operator Observer status offers a wide range of advantages, including direct access to exclusive FTTH industry information, networking opportunities and participation in selected working committees of the FTTH Council Europe. This status is open to European network operators, including utility companies and municipal organisations.
The initiative to drive the growth in the number of Operator Observer members is an important part of the FTTH Council Europe’s 2016-2017 work plan, as set out at the General Assembly in Amsterdam on 19 and 20 April 2016. In continuity with its 2015-2016 strategy, the organisation wants to ensure that the call for accelerated fibre deployment is heard by all broadband stakeholders, with a special focus on operators, in order to build a connected continent and provide a brighter future for all European citizens.
Commenting on this initiative, President Ronan Kelly states “The FTTH Council Europe needs to strengthen its support for operators who want to make a change in Europe through fibre to the home. In this context, our objective is to open the organisation and its extensive resources to those telcos. We are confident that the Operator Observer status will bring them added value and further drive FTTH adoption throughout the continent. We call for more operators to take advantage of this opportunity!”

In addition, the FTTH Council Europe has set the following main objectives for the coming year:  ---- Motivate activists and stakeholders to support FTTH rollout and adoption
- Educate decision makers to understand the need for FTTH and its socio-economic benefits
- Convince operators and project leaders to deploy fibre networks
- Urge stakeholders to create a fibre-friendly environment

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