Telefónica O2 Czech Republic will deploy OFS’ Accuribbon DuctSaver and Ductsaver FX Cables with Allwave FLEX 24 and 12 ribbons

Date: Wed, 06/03/2009 - 14:00

OFS, designer, manufacturer and supplier of leading edge fiber optic network products announced that the Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, the telecommunication incumbent in the Czech Republic, will deploy OFS’ high fiber ribbon optical cable, AccuRibbon® DuctSaver®  cable, in their metropolitan networks and DuctSaver FX cable in their long haul network

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic will deploy OFS’ Accuribbon DuctSaver and Ductsaver FX Cables with Allwave FLEX 24 and 12 ribbons

OFS’ 576-fiber DuctSaver optical cable will give O2 the flexibility to help solve capacity demands of their business customers. 144-fiber DuctSaver FX optical cable will serve as a basis for high capacity demand created predominately by the rapid growth of subscriptions for O2’s successful ADSL based services.
O2 decided 6 years ago to switch their fiber optic access network from individual fibers to ribbons, but right now they are also starting to use 12 and 24 fibers ribbons in their long haul and metro networks.  “Faster installation, lower deployment costs and rapid repairs are very important points of why we decided to use long-proven OFS ribbon technology,” said Mr. Antonín Danek, Director for Transmission Networks.
The AccuRibbon DuctSaver and DuctSaver FX products are small form ribbon cables designed to offer several advantages over conventional general-purpose OSP cables including:
• Maximization of duct space utilization with high packing density cables
• Efficiencies and excellent performance offered by mass fusion splicing
• Efficient closure and fiber management system
AccuRibbon DuctSaver is a high fiber count ribbon cable with up to 864 fibers in 24 fiber ribbons. This 576 fiber cable will be supplied with OFS’ AllWave® FLEX ZWP fiber, a highly optimized single-mode design that combines the strengths of the original Bell Labs bend-insensitive fiber design with the industry leading AllWave ZWP performance.  Telefónica O2 Czech Republic decided last year to use this fiber-type based on several key design advantages over standard matched clad single-mode fiber:
• Zero Water Peak for full spectrum CWDM applications
• Excellent fiber geometries leading to better splice performance
• Industry leading Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)
• G652.D compliant
“Having used depressed clad fiber since 1992, we understand the advantages of this fiber-type very well.  AllWave® FLEX ZWP fiber with its excellent bending performance, very low loss across the full usable spectrum of wavelengths from 1260 to 1625 nm and low splicing loss, is currently the optimum fiber for our network,” continued Mr. Danek.

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