Ortronics/Legrand introduces new full line of Mighty Mo Network and server cabinets to address airflow issues in data centers

Date: Thu, 04/30/2009 - 13:48

Ortronics/Legrand, a global leader in high performance copper, fiber and wireless structured cabling solutions, introduces a new complete range of Mighty Mo network and server cabinets for advanced cable management in high performance networks. Ortronics Mighty Mo cabinets are designed to protect network integrity by addressing the critical needs in today's data centers and large premise networks – airflow, density, protection, and performance

Ortronics/Legrand introduces new full line of Mighty Mo Network and server cabinets to address airflow issues in data centers

Designed specifically to improve airflow, the Mighty Mo cabinets enable more efficient cooling through the use of patent pending airflow baffles that provide separation of hot and cold aisles and redirect airflow from side vented equipment so it matches the front to back airflow of servers. This passive cooling approach reduces power consumption, thereby reducing costs and impact to the environment, while also mitigating the risk of equipment failure.
Mighty Mo cabinets are fully equipped to handle the density of today's high performance networks while allowing for easy moves, adds, and changes. The system provides ample capacity for a minimum of 48 Category 6a patch cords per rack unit on a single side of the equipment, which is often necessary to avoid a fan tray, power supply or other removable part of the equipment.
To ensure maximum network performance, Mighty Mo cabinets protect patch cords, cable, and equipment ports from damage by maintaining proper bend radius requirements, reducing tension on plugs and jacks, protecting network equipment ports, and supporting large cable bundles within the cabinet. The cabinets also purposefully reposition the caster rails out of the cable pathway and effectively manage entry and exit points from within the cabinet frame.
Mighty Mo cabinets feature a rugged fully welded construction and are available in widths of 24" and 32" and depths of 32", 42" and 48". Heights of 80" and 89" provide 42 and 47 rack units of equipment room. A wide selection of cable, power, and thermal management accessories are available to support the needs of any installation.
"A solid foundation is critical for superior network performance in high density applications, and the physical support system, including cabinets and racks, provides that foundation," states Lars Larsen, physical support product manager for Ortronics/Legrand. "A poorly designed physical support system can have a devastating effect on the performance of the network. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to select a physical support system that is designed with these considerations in mind."

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