R&M Cube officially opened

Date: Thu, 10/14/2010 - 17:47

The new company facility of cabling specialists Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) was officially presented to the many international media representatives in Wetzikon ZH

R&M Cube officially opened Company founder Hans Reichle

The imposing new company premises at Binzstrasse 32 cover a gross surface area of 16,000 square meters on five floors and comprise Production, Logistics, Innovation and Development as well as Product Management. The modern building also sets new standards in energy supply.
The pioneering R&M Cube was presented to a group of journalists from Europe, the Middle East and India as part of a press conference. The speakers underscored the sustainability-based corporate philosophy of the family-run business, whose anti-cyclical investment policy can be considered an unambiguous statement of commitment to Switzerland as a production location, and whose innovative strength is a wellspring of added value.
First, company founder Hans Reichle referred to the new R&M Cube as a reflection of the company’s proven values and as a promising signal for the future. Hans Hess, Chairman of the Board of Directors, for his part spoke of sustainability as R&M's dominant corporate philosophy. In his presentation Marketing Manager Markus Schlageter explained how communication and networks shape our lives more than ever before and how they have become a key factor for the future. While CEO Martin Reichle referred to the clearly stated growth strategy and to growing demand and the opportunities it offers, COO Peter Reichle emphasized the efficient logistics of the new concept.
In a first phase the new company headquarters is to provide more than 300 workplaces, although the modern Cube has the potential to accommodate 400. The building, which has now been occupied, boasts a balanced energy concept, helping to reduce CO2 emissions from heating / air conditioning to a staggering 20 per cent of the emissions from a fossil fuel concept. Just as remarkable is the fact that, thanks to a sophisticated production plan, delivery reliability was guaranteed throughout, even during the reconstruction work. To achieve this objective the 50 logistics staff worked well over 1,000 hours of overtime and throughout the weekends in August. 270 truckloads were transported.
Following the move, the former premises on Buchgrindelstrasse are now vacant; they are being redeveloped into modern, centrally located business premises under the label Hoch2, offering some 10,000 square meters of rental space. The new tenants will enjoy a multitude of customized possibilities from the wide range of uses – offices, industry, logistics, etc. – in combination with very good accessibility and delivery options.
The new headquarters symbolize R&M's belief in the future and the innovative strength of a company which, in its 46th year, provides around 600 jobs worldwide. Even in economically difficult times the company has gained market shares. And so R&M looks forward to the future with optimism.

This confidence is founded on the business trend during the second half of the year, with evidence of a clear recovery in sales in a number of key markets. R&M is also anticipating sizable orders in dynamic growth regions during the second half of the year, thanks to a large-scale implementation and expansion of local infrastructure.

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