ECI Telecom enables the delivery of 100G services for the german research network

Date: Thu, 08/08/2013 - 12:11

With no disruptions, service interruptions or forklift upgrades, the network was upgraded for faster connectivity
ECI Telecom enables the delivery of 100G services for the german research network

Dr. Stefan Piger, DFN Association

Image credited to DFN Association 

ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation network solutions, has upgraded the German Research Network –Deutsches Forschungsnetze.V. (DFN-Verein) network, enabling the delivery of 100G services, for faster connectivity and increased capacity.  This new 100G service has been deployed in the organization’s X-WiN research network.

• More than 750 universities and research institutes use X-WiN to connect to global research networks and the internet in general. DFN offers these universities and institutes specialized services such as voice over IP, videoconferencing, roaming, and public key infrastructure for digital certification.
• X-WiN, spanning more than 11,000 kmof dark fiber, is one of the largest and most powerful research networks worldwide.  With the additional100G service, DFN will cater to Germany’s research and science needs of today and into the future.
• In 2012, ECI was selected to deploy the Apollo after a rigorous tender process, in which key criteria were highest capacity and the flexibility to enable new connections with short lead times.

• This latest upgrade involved the simple and fast installation of plug-in 100G cards for connection between routers, without any other changes in the network, and therefore no disruptions or interruptions in service.

• Since its founding in 1961, ECI has provided leading service providers and network operators with the most innovative and advanced networking solutions in the market.  ECI has been present in the German market since 1984.

The Solution
ECI deployed the Apollo Optimized Multi-Layer Transport (OMLT) platforms in all 69 locations of the X-WiN network.  The network is based on colorless, directionless andcontentionlessROADM WDM layers and ODU cross-connect at Layer 1 – thus enabling a dynamic network with the ability to respond quickly to any new service demand.
The Apollo familywas launched in November 2011, and is enjoying great tractionwith service providers around the world.  In December 2012, ECI has launched the Native Packet Transport (NPT) family, also part of the OMLT architecture, to deliver an affordable, scalable and easy to manage metro packet transport networks, for lowest TCO.
Dr. Stefan Piger, DFN Association, said: “DFN has been experiencing increasing demands from its users in terms of bandwidth and service delivery times. Deployment of ECI’s 100G technology allows DFN to efficiently support these and future requirements. The 100G connections between X-WiNs core routers were brought online without any disruption of existing services or the need for changes to the underlying network.”

Christian Erbe, Managing Director, ECI Telecom GmbH, said:  “We continue to support DFN and the X-WIN network, with its constantly evolving needs and requirements.  For DFN’s customers, the expansion was completely painless, as they experienced no disruption in the service whatsoever, yet are now able to enjoy higher capacity links in their day-to-day work.” Sorin Lupu, President Sales & Marketing, ECI Telecom, said: “We are proud to have DFN as one of our leading customers. DFN enjoyed a smooth 100G deployment, and can now benefit from Apollo’s advanced features and flexible architecture for next-generation optical networking.With deployments all over the world, including Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Philippines and others, Apollo allows operators to dramatically shorten the time for delivery of new services, while increasing revenues and optimizing capex.”


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