ANDA Networks Carrier Ethernet NTE with EtherProbe wins Best Access Product at the Ethernet Expo Europe

Date: Fri, 06/05/2009 - 13:48

Recognized for first inline, real-time, end-to-end, non-intrusive traffic monitoring tool
ANDA Networks Carrier Ethernet NTE with EtherProbe wins Best Access Product at the Ethernet Expo Europe ANDA Networks at Light Reading´s Ethernet Expo: Europe 2009

ANDA Networks, the leader in carrier-class fiber and copper-based access platforms for wireline networks or wireless backhaul applications, announced that its Carrier Ethernet EtherReach series network termination equipment with the new EtherProbe integrated performance monitoring tool has been named the Light Reading Ethernet Expo Europe award winner in the category of “Best Access Product.” This award recognizes ANDA Networks’ continued innovation and leadership developing enhanced OA&M capabilities for carrier and large enterprises to visually monitor real-time network performance of their Ethernet WAN service connections.
ANDA Networks’ EtherReach with EtherProbe was chosen for this award based on its real-time and inline, non-intrusive end-to-end Ethernet performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. EtherProbe provides actual results, not approximations, as it continuously monitors every byte of every packet of every flow hop-by-hop, without compromising customer data throughput. EtherReach with EtherProbe eliminates the need for placing expensive external performance monitoring data collection tools on either end of the transmission link. Carriers and mobile operators benefit by providing true Carrier Ethernet 2.0 capabilities including QoS metrics collection, SLA verification, and enhanced degradation protection for their Ethernet services, to ensure traffic management and policing.
The awards were judged by a panel of industry experts including Joe Braue Group Director/Senior Vice President, Light Reading; Stan Hubbard, Senior Analyst of Heavy Reading, Light Reading's technology research arm; Ray LeMaistre, Light Reading's International News Editor; and Rajiv Datta, CTO of AboveNet.
“ANDA Networks has demonstrated unique leadership and innovation in Carrier Ethernet with its EtherReach with EtherProbe product, said Stan Hubbard, a Senior Analyst for Heavy Reading and the Chair of Ethernet Expo: Europe 2009. “It is the best new Ethernet performance and SLA verification tool for copper and fiber based access solutions shipped in Europe since last year’s European Ethernet Expo. It was selected based on its strength as the first tool that can collect and report QOS metrics with live customer traffic non-intrusively, which increases network visibility and enhances revenue opportunities for service providers.”
ANDA’s EtherProbe products provide a feature-rich OA&M platform for managing and optimizing flexible Ethernet bandwidth offerings over existing fiber and bonded copper PDH/SDH circuits to ensure that wireline carriers and wireless carriers using Ethernet for backhaul can effectively deliver new value added Ethernet performance monitoring and protection capabilities regardless of available infrastructure. Operators and enterprises are able to lower operating expenses (OPEX) due to reduced truck rolls and operator troubleshooting time while also lowering overall capital expenditures (CAPEX) as the monitoring probe is now integrated directly into the NTE or demarcation units. By integrating real-time SLA management functionality within the NTE, proactive recovery such as alternate route protection or sub-50msec port switching can be automatically enabled based on customer defined threshold settings rather than reactive troubleshooting due to link failures.
“ANDA’s new EtherProbe capabilities further enable Carrier Ethernet to meet and exceed resiliency and reliability expectations that customers have been accustomed to having in their traditional SONET/SDH networks,” noted Charles Kenmore, president and CEO for ANDA Networks. “Industry recognition and carrier adoption of EtherProbe’s non-intrusive Carrier Ethernet performance monitoring advances carrier and enterprises’ abilities to achieve true Carrier Ethernet 2.0 based network performance.” 

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