ECI Telecom enables multi-terabit network for german research network

Date: Wed, 06/20/2012 - 15:13

New network will benefit students, professors and scientists, who depend on seamless and powerful connection to global science networks for increased collaboration
ECI Telecom enables multi-terabit network for german research network Apollo OMLT

ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation network solutions, will supply the German Research Network - Deutsches Forschungsnetz e.V. (DFN-Verein) – with the Apollo family of Optimized Multi-Layer Transport (OMLT) platforms, to upgrade their X-WiN research network. With the Apollo OMLT, X-WiN will be a multi-terabit network, able to provide DFN members with the fastest available services ever. The Apollo OMLT is part of ECI’s 1Net packet-optical transport solutions, and brings increased capacity, flexibility and reliability for advanced data traffic services.

More than 750 universities and research institutes use X-WiN to connect to global research networks and the internet in general. DFN offers these universities and  institutes specialized services such as voice over IP, videoconferencing, roaming, and public key infrastructure for digital certification.
X-WiN, spanning more than 11,000 km of dark fiber with up to 40Gbit/s connections,  is one of the largest and most powerful research networks worldwide. With the new multi-terabit technology provided by Apollo, DFN will be able to provide for today’s and the future’s research and science needs in Germany.
ECI was selected after a rigorous tender process, in which key criteria was highest transmission capacity and the flexibility to enable new connections with short lead times.
Since its founding in 1961, ECI has provided leading service providers and network operators with the most innovative and advanced networking solutions in the market. ECI has been present in the German market since 1984.

The Solution
ECI will deploy the Apollo OMLT in all 69 locations of the X-WiN network. To guarantee a smooth transition, without interruption of services, the network will be upgraded in the shortest period of time possible. Since academic facilities are usually connected to the X-WiN via two independent links, the upgrade will not affect most of the 2.5 million students, professors and scientists using this network.
“With the new Apollo OMLT, X-WiN will become a multi-terabit network. Complemented by the highly flexible management of Apollo, X-WiN then is well prepared for the coming data challenges of science and research, such as connecting computing and storage facilities or enabling data-intensive experiments in high-energy physics, biology, or medicine.”, said Dr. Stefan Piger, DFN Association.
“As a leading worldwide research association, DFN must have the most advanced network to support its members, one that is able to provide not only today’s services, but also those in the future. The Apollo OMLT is a cost-effective solution that gives DFN the flexibility to add services as the needs arise, without unnecessary investments or added complexity.”, said Jehonathan Neuberger, Managing Director, ECI Telecom GmbH.

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