ECI Telecom is recognized for business excellence and quality leadership

Date: Fri, 12/30/2011 - 21:32 Source: ECI Telecom press department

ECI Telecom receives the Diamond Mark from the Standards Institution of Israel
ECI Telecom is recognized for business excellence and quality leadership Image credited to ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation network solutions, today announced that it has been awarded the Diamond Mark for 2012 by the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), Israel’s official standards organization. The SII grants the Diamond Mark to companies that embody business excellence and quality leadership.

ECI is one of only six organizations in Israel to receive the 2012 Diamond Mark
The Diamond Mark is given to organizations that have at least seven quality certifications, indicating they have adopted management systems, processes and products that conform to Israeli and international standards.
ECI strives for the highest levels of quality, accountability and security, in all its activities and across its 1Net families of offerings.

The seven certifications that qualified ECI for the award include:
- ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems: The ISO 9001 is a general quality standard, focused on processes to meet customers’ expectations and to continually improve ECI’s services and solutions quality
- TL 9000 for Quality Management Systems for the Telecom Industry: The TL9000 is an extension of the ISO 9001, specifically designed for the telecom sector. It provides dedicated tools for managing and controlling quality and sets strict measurements for effective benchmarking by our customers
- OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems: The OHSAS 18001 ensures safer and healthier working environment and processes for safer products
- ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems: The ISO 14001 sets requirements for environmentally-friendly products and processes from manufacturing all the way to operation of the products and provision of services, ensuring that our activities are not harming the environment
- ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems: The ISO 27001 ensures better information security within the company, and between us and our customers and suppliers. It protects confidentiality and personal information while adhering to fair and accepted transparency regulations
- BS 25999 for Business Continuity Management Systems: The BS 25999 ensures continuous business activities during an incident or disaster, protecting both ECI’s and our customers’ interests. It provides us with tools for operation, survival and continuous service availability in case of major disruption in day-to-day operation, through back-ups, redundancies and multiple capabilities
- SA 8000 SA 8000 for Social Accountability Management Systems: The SA 8000 guarantees the preservation of basic human and employee rights in our organization, by complying to human and employee international and national legislations, and protecting the reputation of our customers.

In addition, ECI’s qualification and design verification labs also comply with ISO 17025, which sets quality and technical requirements. The ISO 17025 certifying body is A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.
The OMLT provides an efficient and manageable transport solution that is purpose-built, to overcome the shortcomings of P-OTS which have been widely noted by industry experts:
"Companies that are entitled to receive the Diamond Mark are industry leaders. This award reflects ECI’s commitment to high quality standards and business excellence.", said Dany Goldstein, CEO, The Standards Institution of Israel.
“Winning the Diamond Mark indicates our commitment to high quality and demonstrates business excellence aimed at fulfilling the expectations of our customers. I am very proud of this achievement, and this award belongs to every single employee in the Company.”, said Yuval Joseph, Head of Global Quality Management, ECI Telecom


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