Transition Networks goes big with 10K Jumbo Frame network interface devices

Date: Thu, 05/21/2009 - 13:25

Company enhances xBFFG family of 10/100/1000 remotely managed network interface devices with Jumbo Frame support
Transition Networks goes big with 10K Jumbo Frame network interface devices Transition Networks at Light Reading´s Ethernet Expo: Europe 2009

Transition Networks Inc., the fiber access technology expert, a wholly owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc., announced the addition of Jumbo Frame support for its xBFFG remotely managed 10/100/1000 Network Interface Devices for the Point System™ modular chassis, as well as standalone versions. The Jumbo Frame xBFFG will support jumbo frames up to 10K in size.
The Jumbo Frame xBFFG is MEF 9 and MEF 14 certified to deliver Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) services. Service providers can now monitor the link, activate loopback, provision the bandwidth, enter and manage VLANs, QoS and other configuration and troubleshooting items remotely from their Network Operations Center, significantly reducing network operating expenses (OpEx).
“Secure, remotely managed 10/100/1000 OAM/IP-based Network Interface Devices, coupled with a wide range of advance features, beyond monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, provide an exceptional value for service providers and enterprise customers,” said Patrick Schaber, Director of Marketing at Transition Networks. “Transition Networks continues its commitment to delivering feature-rich products. Our support for 10K jumbo frames enables those customers that require the higher performance to use jumbo frames over standard Ethernet frames, something that was once cost prohibitive and difficult to do.”

Product Features
The Jumbo Frame xBFFG delivers superior management features via IP-Based remote management or via IEEE802.3ah OAM In-Band management. A remote loopback feature can be activated should troubleshooting be required.
Network security and segmentation is supported by IEEE 802.1q VLAN management, including double VLAN tagging (Q-in-Q) and VLAN tunneling. QoS and a wide variety of link monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting features increase network performance. Digital diagnostics enables network administrators to measure the quality of the optical connection and report it over the OAM and SNMP management connection. Link Loss Notification signals the fault to the management system. IEEE802.1x and Radius enable user authentication and increase network security and ease of user management.
The Jumbo Frame xBFFG product family can be managed via a graphical user interface, such as Focal Point™, as well as any web browser, telnet or local serial command line interface. Service providers can easily gather information about customer’s bandwidth and traffic utilization.
The Jumbo Frame xBFFG includes the following features; Auto-Negotiation, Autocross, Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Pause, Bandwidth Allocation, Transparent Link Pass Through and Automatic Link Restoration. The Automatic Link Restoration feature ensures that once the fault condition is removed, no user intervention is required to bring the entire link back up again. The Jumbo Frame xBFFG also supports remote firmware upgrades which can be performed via the local console port or remotely via TFTP.
Product Configuration
Transition Networks’ remotely managed Jumbo Frame xBFFG Network Interface Devices are available as a chassis card for the Point System™ modular chassis or as a standalone version. The advanced features of the Jumbo Frame xBFFG can be monitored and configured with Transition Networks’ Focal Point™ software, web browser or telnet. Focal Point™ is an SNMP based management application that is included, free of charge from Transition Networks.

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