New optical networking platform allows operators to better handle data growth

Date: Thu, 11/26/2009 - 15:04

Nokia Siemens Networks launches new, compact and powerful IP optimized transport solution
New optical networking platform allows operators to better handle data growth Nokia Siemens headquarters

A new, more compact, optical platform from Nokia Siemens Networks allows telecoms operators to migrate their existing transport networks to an IP Optimized Transport Solution (IP-OTS) to cope with continuing data growth. The hiT 7065 offers a full range of connectivity options to meet traffic growth demands, while safeguarding existing investments.
“The economics of pure IP networks cannot scale without a IP optimized transport solution,” said Mikko Lavanti, head of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Next Generation Metro business line. “The new hiT 7065 optimizes existing infrastructure while enabling operators to increase sales with the addition of new data services such as IPTV, Video on Demand or VPNs.”
High availability, fast service provisioning and customized services such as bandwidth on demand and multipoint-to-multipoint make hiT 7065 a future proof investment for new packet-oriented applications and supporting existing circuit-based services.
In addition, hiT 7065 comes in a very compact design, specifically about the size of a powerful file server. It’s power consumption sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency, consuming 30 percent less power than comparable solutions on the market. hiT 7065 is also a perfect enhancement for the larger model, in terms of capacity, hiT 7080 with which it shares the same interface cards. Comfortable administration is ensured due to the industry renowned management software TNMS which depicts them also as one functional unit – a feature that saves on running costs.
hiT 7065 facilitates the integration of every interface type such as OTU interfaces to increase link length towards DWDM core, FC/1GbE/10GbE/ interfaces for Packet aggregation and Storage Area Networks (SAN), to support a operators existing services over a single network. While SDH interfaces provide the connection to a huge installed base of networks around the world, hiT 7065 also comes with Carrier-grade, redundant Ethernet features to ensure resilience.
Due to its connectivity capabilities hiT 7065 is most suited for metro and core aggregation deployment. G.709 compliance allows agnostic packet-oriented transport being open to all services such as Gigabit-Ethernet, IP-based applications, Fiber Channel and SDH/Sonet.

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