Matisse Networks EtherBurst® provided optical metro network for the global interconnect demonstration at Ethernet Expo Europe

Date: Fri, 05/15/2009 - 14:32

EtherBurst Ring Optical Burst Switch simplifies the interconnection of carrier Ethernet services
Matisse Networks EtherBurst® provided optical metro network for the global interconnect demonstration at Ethernet Expo Europe J. Craig Easley, Vice President of Marketing, Matisse Networks

Matisse Networks, pioneer in the field of Ring Optical Burst Switching, announced that provided an optical packet transport network, the backbone for the Global Interconnect Demonstration at the Light Reading´s Ethernet Expo in London.  The world’s first Global Interconnect demonstration showcased how MEF-certified services perform under realistic conditions from London to USA to Asia and back again across an interconnected broadband network created by COLT, ntl:Telewest and Tata Communications.
In the Vendor Showcase within the Ethernet Expo, the EtherBurst network terminated the Global Interconnect circuits on a 10km optical packet transport network with an EtherBurst Ring Optical Burst Switch (OBS) to simplify the provisioning of services between the vendors and provide optical connectivity for the equipment used in the vendor showcase. Other equipment manufacturers connecting to the Matisse Network EtherBurst network in the interconnect vendor showcased include Alcatel-Lucent, Anda, Cisco, Omnitron, and Spirent who conducted a demonstration that allowed attendees to visually observe the quality of the network
Matisse Networks’ EtherBurst Ring OBS switches individual packets rather than entire wavelengths and eliminates the need to provision optical circuits to connect each vendor to the Global Interconnect network.  The EtherBurst Ring OBS network uses the Ethernet control plane to establish connectivity across the network without relying on complex new control plane protocols like ASON and GMPLS.  Matisse will also demonstrate its optical flow-through provisioning capabilities in the showcase, and show how the Ring OBS technology simplifies connecting VLANs across the optical metro network.
“The demonstration underscores the simplicity of EtherBurst Ring OBS which leverages the Ethernet control plane to dramatically reducing network design complexity and the time required to turn-up new services.”, said Sam Mathan, Matisse Network CEO.
In the Global Interconnect demonstration, the EtherBurst optical network consists of two PX-1000 photonic nodes configured in a 10km fiber ring.  Each PX-1000 is connected to an SX-1000 Ethernet service node.  The SX-1000’s provide connectivity to the EtherBurst optical burst ring for the other vendor equipment participating in the Global Interconnect demonstration.  To provide visual evidence of the performance quality of the network, High Definition video is being transported across the intercontinental circuit between London and Frankfurt before being switched across the EtherBurst network.

About Matisse Networks
Matisse Networks’ EtherBurst Ring Optical Burst Switch is revolutionizing optical networking for packet services by improving transport efficiency up to 50% over circuit-oriented transport leading to a significant reduction in the cost to deliver Carrier Ethernet services.  EtherBurst® is the first commercially available Ring Optical Burst Switch (Ring-OBS) system and the only such system in production today. EtherBurst switches individual optical packets rather than entire optical wavelengths making it the ideal technology for building optical packet transport networks to support the packet-based Ethernet, IPTV and mobile broadband services. 
Matisse Networks is a privately held company located in Mountain View, CA. 

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