Sumitomo launches its next gen. Lynx2 splice connector, enabling cost effective SC, LC, and FC customized field termination

Date: Thu, 07/29/2010 - 13:57

Lynx2 fusion splice connector is the first in the industry to offer the three leading SC, LC, and FC connector types. It eliminates the crimping process, expensive crimp tools, and other processes and materials, yielding faster deployment and cost savings for customized field termination for data center, FTTx, Fiber-to- the- Home, central office, optical network terminal (ONT), fiber distribution hub, and other fiber optic network applications

Sumitomo launches its next gen. Lynx2 splice connector, enabling cost effective SC, LC, and FC customized field termination Sumitomo Electric Lightwave at Interop, Geneve

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, a leader in fiber optic product manufacturing, announced the introduction of the Lynx2 CustomFit® Splice-On Connector, the first splice connector in the industry to offer the three leading connector types, SC, LC, and FC for single-mode, 50 and 62.5 micron multimode, and gigabit laser optimized multimode fiber types. The latest design of the Lynx2 Splice Connector eliminates the need for crimping, making splice connectorizations easier and more cost effective for customized FTTx, outside plant, and inside plant field terminations. The splice-on connector is ideal also for central office, enterprise network, fiber distribution hub, data center, and other fiber optic network applications.
Lynx2 features a fast and easy to use screw-on collar to secure the Kevlar® and jacket, eliminating the crimping process and the use of high priced crimping tools. The method of termination provided by Sumitomo’s Lynx2 CustomFit Connector eliminates the guess work in predetermining the length of preterminated jumpers required for a given application, allowing the field technician to customize the termination in the field, ensuring quick, accurate, and permanent connectorizations. The Lynx2 also eliminates the necessity and associated costs of hand polishing, and maintaining an inventory of splice trays, index matching gels, and varying lengths of preterminated jumpers.
“ At Sumitomo, we’re committed to continuous innovation, striving to make our next generation products significantly better than the last,” says Josh Seawell, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s product manager for its Lightwave Network Products division. “The Lynx2 CustomFit Connector ensures that our customers achieve faster deployments, increased productivity, and reduced costs.”
Lynx2 has passed independent testing for GR-326-CORE and GR-1081-CORE compliance. The new splice-on connector provides APC, UPC, and PC (MMF) polishing options, and yields average insertion losses of only 0.15dB for single-mode fiber and 0.10dB for multimode fiber. The new splice-on connector is compatible with Sumitomo’s FastCat Type-39FH, TuffCat Type-66 Mass, TomCat Type-25e fusion splicers, and earlier models, and can also be used with other splicer brands.


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