Fast, rugged, interoperable: data transmission via shortwave with radios from Rohde & Schwarz

Date: Tue, 02/03/2009 - 12:15

Internet technologies are playing an ever-greater role also in military radiocommunications
Fast, rugged, interoperable: data transmission via shortwave with radios from Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz is therefore adding the STANAG 4539 modem waveform and third-generation automatic link establishment (ALE 3G) in line with STANAG 4538 to its R&S M3SR Series 4100 and R&S M3TR families of software defined radios. In conjunction with the firmly established STANAG 5066 standard, the radios now provide interoperable data exchange via shortwave between allied forces.
STANAG 5066 is already available from Rohde & Schwarz as application software for the two families of radios. The software makes it possible to transmit text-based messages, file attachments and IP data by using an HF modem in line with the STANAG 4539 standard. The addition of this waveform enables the families of radios to provide data transmission rates from 75 bit/s to 9600 bit/s (coded) in the shortwave channel.
A radio link is set up by means of automatic link establishment (ALE). The second-generation ALE 2G method has proven itself reliable through many years of use. As one of only a handful of suppliers worldwide, Rohde & Schwarz now offers the latest version in its product portfolio: ALE 3G in line with STANAG 4538. This third-generation ALE makes possible networks that have more subscribers and higher data throughput than before. The link is now reliably established significantly faster and even when the signal-to-noise ratio is clearly worse.
The new functions do not need to be integrated into the radios as hardware plug-in modules. Instead, the functions are simply enabled as embedded software options by the user using option keys. By offering this concept, Rohde & Schwarz supports future operational readiness. When the system is set up, no external modem or ALE processor are required.
The latest generation of R&S M3SR Series 4100 shortwave radios is designed for use at sea and in stationary units, and the R&S M3TR family for tactical operations. The STANAG 4539 and ALE 3G functions make interoperable voice and data links secure between allied forces and within naval and army forces.

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