Telvent implements a portable TetraNode radio communication system in Ibiza Airport

Date: Fri, 04/09/2010 - 15:54

Together with a recording system, it will upgrade the voice and data services that optimize the Airport day-to-day operation and maintenance
Telvent implements a portable TetraNode radio communication system in Ibiza Airport Image Copyright Ministerio de Fomento de España

Telvent, the IT company for a sustainable and secure world, is implementing a project for Aena – Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea, the Spanish airport manager – aiming at expanding the TetraNode TETRA system, deployed by Telvent in 2006, through the implementation of a TETRA mobile station and a communication recorder.
The continuous increase in the number of operations in Ibiza Airport entails the need for constant improvements in its own facilities and specifically in its TETRA Radio communication private network. Given the high significance of such radio communications in the Airport operation, Telvent will increase their availability level and coverage range through a Portable TetraNode TETRA System.
Such extension will enable, on the one hand, to have a backup system in case of any incidental critical failure in the current TetraNode TETRA system and on the other, to have a portable system at one's disposal to provide TETRA coverage to areas out of reach of the usual operation area in case of emergency.
The new recording system will register all the voice and data communications processed in the network, turning into a basic tool to analyze the numerous situations likely to happen in the Airport everyday.
Telvent is the company that successfully deployed the TetraNode TETRA system in the highest number of Aena's airports in Spain, among which you can find Lanzarote, Seville, Minorca, Ibiza, Vigo and A Coruña, providing moreover pioneer applications over TETRA in airports such as that of Madrid-Barajas.

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