Bell ID launches PIN host system for EMV

Date: Mon, 07/19/2010 - 17:56

New software solution enables secure PIN management for EMV smart cards
Bell ID launches PIN host system for EMV

Bell ID, the worldwide technology leader in smart card management, announced the release of a software solution to address easy and secure PIN management of EMV cards and applications within complex IT networks: ANDiS PIN Host System (PHS).
The convergence of multiple payments, customer service systems and channels means that certain banks are forced to operate with disparate PIN management systems, which can increase both system and risk management costs whilst limiting flexibility.
ANDiS PHS offers centralised generation, enrolment, change, (un)blocking and verification of the PIN. Furthermore it enables multi-channel distribution via post, Internet, SMS, ATM, branch and telephone (IVR), and enables banks to implement a more considered and coherent PIN management strategy. This is particularly critical when “offline PINs” on the chip and “online PINs” on central systems need to remain synchronised, where multiple applications are loaded onto the chip and where multiple channels can be used to block, unblock or change the PINs.
For financial card issuers, ANDiS PHS provides increased security and flexibility together with reduced maintenance costs and the ability to offer multi channel PIN services to consumers. The same improved security and flexibility also benefits consumers.
The solution follows the VISA and MasterCard guidelines for PIN management and can be used with a variety of HSMs from different manufacturers. The PHS is a standalone product, but is pre-integrated with Bell ID’s ANDiS Card and Application Management (CAMS), SDS (EMV Script Delivery System), and I-PIN (Internet PIN Change) solutions. Besides supporting a well defined set of standard message formats to access web services, PHS has been designed with the idea of interface flexibility in mind and can be connected to any existing PIN protocol or interface.
Wynand Vermeulen, Manager Finance Solutions at Bell ID, commented: “Banks across the world are under pressure from the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to secure their payment applications according to their Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). A significant part of PCI DSS includes how to securely manage PINs. PHS demonstrates Bell ID’s commitment to helping Issuers achieve PCI compliance, whilst at the same time consolidating potentially complex PIN management services onto a single platform.”
A large Canadian financial issuer will take the solution into production in Q3 2010. The issuer is
implementing the whole suite of Bell ID's ANDiS products to deliver added value and more connectivity for end users to their business.


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