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GCF activates certification for dual-mode LTE/3G devices

GCF Certification is now able to provide assurance that dual-mode LTE/3G (UMTS/WCDMA) devices can hand-off sessions between the two radio-access technologies (RAT) in ways that conform to the relevant 3GPP standards

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Northstream announces its 2011 predictions for the global mobile industry

LTE momentum will build in 2011 while HSPA holds the fort, mobile video calling is set for a renaissance, iOS and Android become the focal point for service convergence, mobile connections set for massive growth and mobile operators to hold firm on data usage policies

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GSMA endorses IMB, a new 3GPP standard that will accelerate the global adoption of mobile data and broadcast services

GSMA-led white paper provides mobile operators, infrastructure and device vendors with a common framework for delivering services based on IMB


Bridgewater unveils comprehensive LTE product suite

Smart subscriber, service and policy controls enable service providers to rapidly trial and launch LTE

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ip.access demonstrates progress on femtocell standards

ip.access demonstrates progress on femtocell standards

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HSPA, LTE and beyond: delivering rich communication, connectivity and entertainment over true mobile broadband

The online multimedia world made possible by broadband has changed people’s perceptions of data speeds and network service quality. Regardless of where they are, consumers no longer accept slow speeds on their laptops and mobile devices, as they send and receive corporate email, music or video clips. From the network operator and service provider perspective, speed isn’t the only issue – more network capacity is needed to handle the growth in mobile traffic from both business and private users

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