Ending the digital divide in Eastern Poland

As result of an initiative of TP Group, Alcatel-Lucent and HAWE SA, a cooperation Agreement has been signed aiming at the development of broadband infrastructure in Poland. With the state of the art technology and know how, partners of the Agreement want to support local governments in planning and implementation of telecommunications infrastructure financed 100% from public funds, including 85% of EU funds



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Alcatel-Lucent primary research shows that European consumers and businesses are ready for LTE applications

Bell Labs analysis shows how LTE applications can drive new revenue opportunities for services providers

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Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs showcased next-generation optical transmission technologies at annual OFC/NFOEC conference

Novel research solutions address industry’s most pressing challenges

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Alcatel-Lucent supports Telefónica’s commercial femtocell deployment in Spain

Improving 3G coverage in indoor locations and high-traffic public areas


Alcatel-Lucent Foundation and World Education, Inc. launch program to foster digital inclusion of young people from disadvantage

$6 million grant to fund ConnectED, three-year program to benefit some 13,500 children

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Survey reveals youth market is ready to use their mobile phones as a wallet

89% of respondents willing to pay for convenience and portability

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