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Generation IP: Analysys Mason reports operators playing catch-up with smartphone owners in 18–34 year age group

More than half of 18–24 year old smartphone owners in the UK use IP-based messaging – report reveals younger users value 'data' above 'SMS' or 'voice' when choosing next mobile service


New report explores the mobile and data challenges headlining at MWC 2013

A new Analysys Mason report entitled ‘New paradigms in mobile’ explores the key issues that mobile operators, vendors and content owners have on their agendas at Mobile World Congress 2013 and will be a priority for them in the next 12 months

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Microsoft will ship almost as many smartphones in 2017 as Apple shipped in 2012

New report predicts that although Windows Phone will become the fastest-growing OS in the next 5 years, it will only have a single-digit share of the smartphone market in 2017


Mobile data growth in the West will not be strong enough to avert mobile industry contraction

Severe contraction is possible, with data growth dangerously slow and network costs unhealthily low, according to new research from Analysys Mason


The digital home: the last frontier for multi–play operators, latest research from Analysys Mason

Faced with market saturation for their core services, intense competition and the risk of being disintermediated by over-the-top players, multi-play operators in developed markets should deepen their reach into the home to generate new sources of revenue and enhance the ‘stickiness’ of their propositions.  This is according to the latest research from Analysys Mason

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Home will be centre stage of mobile innovation in 2012, Analysys Mason report

Leading smartphone operating system providers with strong interests in the TV industry – including Apple, Google and Microsoft – will find a new ‘battleground’ in the home this year

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