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Atos Worldline unveils pioneering eGo ‘Pay with a simple touch’ for the first time in Europe

eGo will open the path to new and intuitive ways of electronic transactions

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Atos unveils its vision for sport and technology

ascent thought leadership from Atos at London 2012 predicts the future for sport and technology in 2020


Atos acquires Quality Equipment, a dutch electronic payment player

Atos, an international IT services company, announced the acquisition of Quality Equipment, a player in electronic payments in the Netherlands in particular in the catering, vending and parking sectors


Atos pledges its Personal Best for London 2012

New marketing campaign to showcase how Atos Business Technologists will set Personal Bests at London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Big science teams up with big business to kick?start European cloud computing

A consortium of leading IT providers and three of Europe’s biggest research centres (CERN, EMBL and ESA) announced a partnership to launch a European cloud computing platform. ‘Helix Nebula - the Science Cloud’, will support the massive IT requirements of European scientists, and become available to governmental organisations and industry after an initial pilot phase

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Atos, EMC and VMware to form an open cloud computing strategic alliance

Atos to create Canopy, a one-stop-shop company for advanced Cloud Services; EMC and VMware to invest alongside Atos to unlock the potential of Cloud Computing for enterprises and governments

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