European Parliament

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MEPs zero in on internet search companies and clouds

The European Parliament called on EU member states and the European Commission to break down barriers to the growth of the EU's digital single market in a resolution voted last week. MEPs also stressed the need to prevent online companies from abusing dominant positions by enforcing EU competition rules and unbundling search engines from other commercial services

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Automated taxis and delivery by drone: welcome to Europe's high-tech future

New technologies such as wearable computers and face recognition promise to change the way we work, shop and entertain. Creating a digital single market could help boost Europe’s high-tech businesses and create more jobs
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Ensure open access for internet service suppliers and ban roaming fees, say MEPs

Internet access providers would be barred from blocking or slowing down selected services for economic or other reasons by the latest draft EU “telecoms package” legislation voted by Parliament on Thursday
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Europe closes the digital divide: new website completes ambitious project to bring satellite broadband to farthest EU corners

With high-speed satellite broadband now available in all 28 EU countries, Europe today reached a major milestone in its drive to bridge the Digital Divide. The opportunity of broadband for all became a reality with the launch of satellite broadband services in the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania being the last countries to be added to a network of service providers across Member States

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More frequencies for mobile internet by 2013

Plans to speed up the spread of mobile internet were strongly endorsed by MEPs in Strasbourg. They also urged Europe to be bolder and take a global lead in this technology

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EC welcomes European Parliament approval of sweeping reforms to strengthen competition and consumer rights on Europe’s telecoms

With a broad majority across political parties, the European Parliament last tuesday, at its plenary session in Strasbourg, formally approved the EU’s telecoms reform package, proposed by the Commission in November 2007. 500 million EU citizens will soon benefit from more consumer choice through enhanced competition on Europe’s telecoms markets, from better coverage with fast internet broadband connections across Europe, and from a stronger entrenchment of their right to privacy with regard to telecoms operators.