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Sweden puts the ‘fibre’ in innovation

When it comes to innovation, Sweden punches above its weight. Sweden was ranked as the most innovative country in Europe in September 2013, using a new benchmark created by the European Commission

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FTTH Council Europe believes Digital Single Market proposal should do more to promote fibre to the home investments

The FTTH Council Europe believes that the European Commission missed an opportunity to have a better focussed fibre policy in its Digital Single Market proposal by continuing to ignore the key issues

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Fibre to the TV: the only option for home entertainment

Today’s audio-visual entertainment landscape is rapidly changing. Across Europe, triple play is widespread, video on demand (VOD) is increasingly regarded as a basic service and high definition (HD) is becoming the norm. Audiences want to watch their favourite shows whenever they want, in the best quality available. They have also come to expect a wider choice of viewing content, along with extra services and personalised information


Guiding Europe through the FTTH funding maze

The FTTH Council Europe has heard the argument many times: "there isn’t enough money to finance the roll-out of fibre to the home (FTTH) networks". Citing the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of shareholder demands, increasing competitive pressure and the economic downturn, operators and politicians claim that they simply cannot afford FTTH networks. But like the emperor’s new clothes, their arguments do not stand up to closer scrutiny

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Winners and losers emerge in Europe's race to a fibre future

Russia sees a dramatic 42% increase in the number of FTTH subscribers, while more steady growth of 15% is reported in Europe, where Lithuania and Sweden lead the way

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Europe should choose future-proof broadband NOW!

Internet, broadband and next-generation information and telecommunications are the pillars upon which Europe will be built. We must make the right decisions today in order to create a future-oriented Europe

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