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Predictions for 2015: CSPs capitalise on LTE to transform the subscriber experience

Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder and VP Marketing at MATRIXX discusses the themes that she anticipates will take centre-stage in 2015 as CSPs leverage their LTE networks and employ new tactics to engage with their customers
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OpenCloud's 2015 predictions

Operators face churn, the SIM loses its grip, and cloud and VoLTE finally arrive

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Critical communications LTE is a new and challenging market opportunity for mobile operators in Europe

Emergency services users are opening up to public network operators as providers of mission-critical data services

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Spirent enhances location availability for VoLTE E911 calls indoors

New testing capabilities evaluate LTE positioning technologies for optimal performance

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LTE subscribers consume much more data than 3G subscribers

Usage data from Mobidia’s mega-panel shows increased cellular usage in 2014 by LTE subscribers in leading LTE markets—a positive trend for mobile operators

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Protected spectrum critical for the future of public safety

Regulators must safeguard broadband public protection and disaster relief services

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