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Introducing the Third Network

It is time for The Third Network. In September 2014, the MEF introduced The Third Network, which promises Agile, Assured and Orchestrated networking, all delivered worldwide as a service

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What drives Carrier Ethernet, and where is it headed?

More than 1,000 service providers and network operators worldwide now rely on Carrier Ethernet (CE) to support high-performance Ethernet & Ethernet-enabled data services, to interconnect network-enabled cloud services, to underpin 4G/LTE mobile and consumer triple play services, and to meet internal networking needs. Tens of thousands of businesses and enterprises in every industry vertical have transitioned to these CE services in order to control communications costs, efficiently scale with traffic demand, improve business agility, and boost productivity

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MEF introduces “Third Network” vision

MEF defining Lifecycle Service Orchestration with APIs for existing network, NFV and SDN implementations enabling Agile, Assured and Orchestrated Network as a Service  


Inter-carrier networks are here to stay - the challenges and opportunities this brings to wholesale service providers

MEF members including leading wholesale Service Providers, cloud and datacenter providers, equipment vendors and peers from a range of telecom organizations discussed, debated and shared views in Santa Clara, California, about the challenges and opportunities from the ever increasingly complex inter-carrier networking telco environment

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MEF GEN14 event surpasses 50 sponsor milestone

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MEF appoints new board of directors

Celebrates Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services, equipment, professional certification accomplishments

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