Near Field Communication

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NFC: the next stage in the evolution of wireless technology?

Today, in countries which are highly subsidized, smartphone sales exceed those of mobile-feature phones. In an age where consumers are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology, it is now important for retailers to look ahead and ask questions such as; what trends and new features will sustain this momentum in the future?

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Mobile NFC gains momentum as operators worldwide pledge support for SIM-based solution

China Mobile and China Unicom join leading operators in backing mobile NFC. Besides, GSMA publishes mobile NFC specifications to drive Global interoperability   

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Near Field Communication Forum welcomes Intel to Board of Directors

Organizations from building and automotive, communications, fitness monitoring, imaging, smart cards, and testing industries join Consortium   

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Gemalto Trusted Services Manager selected for Singapore's nation-wide Near Field Communication (NFC) roll-out

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) awards call-for-collaboration to Gemalto-led consortium


INSIDE Secure surpasses ten million unit milestone for NFC chip shipments

NFC market achieves liftoff in year one of commercial NFC deployment


Near Field Communication Forum announces 32 new members

CSR, Google, and Intel become principal members

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