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Helping operators boost profitability from mobile services

Today's Mobile Operators face a formidable challenge. As customer demand moves from voice to data services, the volume of data traffic crossing the Mobile Operator's network continues to grow exponentially, driving up the cost of the network. At the same time, however, the average revenue per user is generally remaining flat, severely impacting the profitability of their business


Transformation of the datacentre

The datacentre is so critical to many operations that the first question must be whether to attempt any major transformation or whether it is just too risky to shift the foundations of a working enterprise. How do different vendors go beyond delivering the kit, to ensuring a smooth transition?


The next era in consolidation

Consolidation continues to be a compelling initiative, driven by the increasing prevalence of server virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI). These powerful technologies have introduced ways to reduce cost, and complexity while offering IT management higher levels of control and security


Smart security solutions for tomorrow's networks

With latest generation firewalls and in-line IPS systems scanning real-time data at gigabit speeds – is there anything more that can be done to improve security for tomorrow’s networks? One look at the statistics for successful cyberattacks and the answer is “yes”. Or rather: it has to be “ yes”


CIO's Perspective: Managing 'change' within the enterprise

Networks are becoming ever more complex to manage with the growing need to monitor and optimise the performance of an ever increasing array of individual business critical applications in addition to broader network requirements such as maximising throughput

Copia de Ger-Ian-Keene-Gartner.JPG

Software Defined Networking (SDN) - is it really the future of networking?

ONF? SDN? Yeah, yeah, yeah – has Gartner heard all this before?

Ian Keene’s USA-based colleagues at Gartner, analysts Joe Skorupa and Mark Fabbi were the first to comment on the foundation and aims of the ONF in their independent report Open Networking Foundation Formed; The Battle to Commoditize Network Hardware Begins – so they should know what they are talking about

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