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Service assurance with the Cloud

Third time unlucky? It is said that two thirds of mobile users will give up any new service after only two failed attempts to use it. In a culture of instant gratification, churn is the service providers’ nightmare - hence the need for service assurance (SA) for an optimal subscriber experience

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Into the ether then into the cloud - the vital role of Ethernet

Bob Metcalfe, father of Ethernet, describes how his network got its name: "I think we were either lucky, or very shrewd, that we never referred to the coax as coax - we referred to it as The Ether. We talked about sending packets up into The Ether, and having them propagate everywhere."
It sounds like a vision of the Internet Cloud of the future... And surely it was, for where would today's cloud aspirations be without Ethernet? At every link along the chain - datacenter, office network, WAN core, mobile backhaul, first mile and access - there may be alternatives, but Ethernet is the one word that appears throughout.


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Into the Cloud on auto-pilot?

An essential characteristic of cloud computing is self service and auto-provisioning. This gives rise to a requirement for end to end automation and management across all the elements of cloud infrastructure including virtual machines, storage, firewalls and network. This is referred to as the orchestration layer of cloud computing infrastructure. Early providers of cloud services built their own orchestration layer using tools from different vendors and some they built themselves