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Fiber is a necessity for telcos in Europe’s post-recession growth, Pyramid Research finds

At the dawn of post-recession growth in Europe, it is time for large telcos to revise capex cuts and resume fiber rollout plans, according to a new report from Pyramid Research, the telecom research arm of the Light Reading Communications Network

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G-20 need to speed up on Fibre to the Home

While Fibre to the Home deployments continue to grow worldwide in many economies, the G-20 states lag behind. Just seven of them made it into the latest FTTH/B Ranking of the Global FTTH Councils

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Hilbert Communications adds backhaul capacity and eliminates recurring leased line costs with Exalt Microwave Backhaul Systems

Wisconsin network operator chooses Exalt to improve reliability for rural GSM cellular, broadband and fiber optic connectivity

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The league of top European FTTH economies welcomes France, Portugal, Czech Republic and Bulgaria

Out of the 15 European economies that have reached 1 percent FTTH penetration, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia are the most dynamic, and Lithuania leapfrogs into number one position


Whatever the outcome of the Climate Conference, it will be via sustainable fibre

The FTTH Council Europe points out that the UN Climate Change Conference is connected to the world by green fibre-to-the home technologies, since Denmark has one of the highest FTTH penetration rates and is therefore a leading European country when it comes to sustainable innovation


Denmark sees the light: 90% increase in the Fibre-to-the-Home subscribers in the past year

More danish consumers discover the benefits of fast, reliable broadband, says Fibre-to the-Home Council Europe

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