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Mobile broadband will act as a strategic disruptor in 2012

Emerging market operators will continue to experience strong connections growth in 2012. Mobile broadband will be the main driver of this growth, but it will also act as a strategic disruptor, finds Ovum

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Into the Cloud on auto-pilot?

An essential characteristic of cloud computing is self service and auto-provisioning. This gives rise to a requirement for end to end automation and management across all the elements of cloud infrastructure including virtual machines, storage, firewalls and network. This is referred to as the orchestration layer of cloud computing infrastructure. Early providers of cloud services built their own orchestration layer using tools from different vendors and some they built themselves

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Telcos risk losing ground in emerging markets mobile data battle

Mobile operators in emerging markets need to make urgent adjustments to content strategies if they are to adapt to rapid shifts in the market, according to Ovum

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Small-screen devices drive mobile broadband market to revenues of $223 billion

Small-screen devices (smartphones and feature phones) to make up 82% of connections by 2015

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HSPA will retain dominance for next five years despite LTE hype

Despite the hype around LTE high-speed mobile broadband technology, HSPA will retain its dominance for at least the next five years, according to Ovum


iPhone app download dominance under threat

The dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the mobile app download market will be eroded over the coming years as rivals Android, Symbian and BlackBerry make inroads, Ovum has forecast

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