Smart security solutions for tomorrow's networks

With latest generation firewalls and in-line IPS systems scanning real-time data at gigabit speeds – is there anything more that can be done to improve security for tomorrow’s networks? One look at the statistics for successful cyberattacks and the answer is “yes”. Or rather: it has to be “ yes”

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Service assurance with the Cloud

Third time unlucky? It is said that two thirds of mobile users will give up any new service after only two failed attempts to use it. In a culture of instant gratification, churn is the service providers’ nightmare - hence the need for service assurance (SA) for an optimal subscriber experience

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Concrete needs, cloudy solutions

There's nothing cloudy about the enterprise's hopes for virtualisation. In terms of getting more for less, it offers unbeatable value. But what must be done today to ensure network infrastructure is being built out and proven to be "cloud-ready" from a metro/core and DC networks perspective?

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Boxing clever - or is infrastructure convergence the way to go?

It's all very well for network vendors to go on about the need for a radical network rethink, a converged infrastructure and intelligence built in from the ground up - but has real life business ever gone that way? For every greenfield project that takes off from day one, there are umpteen other businesses that have grown through the messy process of accretion, acquisition, and elimination of bits that fail