World’s first call between different VoLTE clients showcased at CTIA 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks demonstrates standards-based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) interoperability using two different clients running on Samsung LTE devices

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Ericsson and Samsung cooperate for world's first LTE interoperability

Ericsson and Samsung have successfully achieved interoperability between the world's first commercial LTE device from Samsung and the live network from Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden - an important milestone in making 4G a reality

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IBM, Chartered, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, Samsung and STMicroelectronics Expand Technology Agreements

IBM Technology Alliance Announces Availability of Advanced 28-Nanometer, Low-Power Semiconductor Technology


LRTC to launch Lithuania’s first mobile WiMAX 4G Internet service

Lithuanian Radio and TV Centre (LRTC) provides commercial Mobile WiMAX service with Samsung’s latest certified product

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WiMAX Forum projects over 800 million people to have access to next-generation WiMAX networks in 2010

Now nearly 460 WiMAX deployments in 135 countries

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SAMSUNG mobile WiMAX 3.5 GHz product received

Samsung Electronics, a leading provider of telecom systems, announced that its Mobile WiMAX product was one of the first products to receive WiMAX Forum 3.5 GHz certification on february 11. About two thirds of WiMAX operators worldwide own 3.5GHz spectrum band, providing or preparing WiMAX service now

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