Smart cities

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Smart networked objects: towards a civilization shift

Networked smart objects perform a growing share of control and monitoring in industrial plants and buildings and increasingly in our homes

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A bright future for smart cities

The technological, economic and social stakes around smart cities are interesting topics for the smart technology industries. In a world where the demography is exploding, many municipalities are exploring the Smart City concept as a way to improve themselves and become better places to live, work, and grow

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What are "Smart Cities & Communities"?

Smart and innovative cities make the best use of Europe's great capacity for research and innovation to improve the urban environment


Commission launches innovation partnership for Smart Cities and Communities

One of the greatest challenges facing the EU is how best to design and adapt cities into smart intelligent and sustainable environments


NEC makes cities safer with technologies that safeguard the urban environment

NEC Corporation is showcasing its cutting-edge public safety technologies and solutions at the World Cities Summit 2012 (Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Hall B, Booth 408) held in Singapore from 1 - 4 July 2012


Barcelona and Cisco announce strategic initiatives to transform the city into a global urban reference model

Reinforce ongoing collaboration through creation of BIT for the Habitat Foundation; a new "City Protocol"; and development and testing of next-gen city service pilots at new Cisco Innovation Center

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