submarine cable

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Hibernia Networks upgrades trans-atlantic subsea link with Ciena

Programmable GeoMesh solution offers rapid service provisioning on Hibernia’s Network

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Alcatel-Lucent breaks new world record for undersea data transmission

Tests at Alcatel-Lucent’s Innovation City campus in France result in data speeds of 31 Terabits per second over 7200 kilometers, the highest sub-sea capacity ever transmitted on a single optical fiber

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ECI Telecom successfully transmited coherent 100G traffic over Bezeq International´s 4.600km submarine cable

Innovative coherent optical solution enables considerable capacity increase in the submarine cable between Israel and Italy

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ACS commences high capacity Australia to Singapore cable project

Australia-Singapore Cable (International) Limited ASC, a specialist submarine cable subsidiary of Leighton Contractors, has signed a contract with Alcatel-Lucent as part of ASC’s plan to build, own and operate a 4,800km multi-terabit submarine cable system with an option for 100 Gigabit per second (100Gbit/s) transmission


Main One Cable Company Limited relies on Alcatel-Lucent to maintain 6,800 km cable system, linking Portugal to Nigeria

Alcatel-Lucent and Main One Cable Company Limited, owner of a new cable on the West Coast of Africa, have signed a maintenance contract for the Phase 1 of the Main One cable system, an open access submarine cable network aiming to contribute to enhance African and international connectivity