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eHealth in the EU: what's the diagnosis?

Europe is facing a healthcare crunch as a result of our ageing population. By making the most use of digital tech, we can reduce costs, put the patient back in control, make healthcare more efficient and help European citizens to take an active part in society for longer


GE, Microsoft share plans for new joint venture, Caradigm

50-50 joint venture will combine Microsoft’s deep platform expertise with GE Healthcare’s experience in clinical and administrative workflow solutions

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Philips welcomes initial results of largest home healthcare clinical study to date

UK Department of Health study of 6,000 patients early findings show lower mortality rates, fewer emergency admissions and shorter hospital stays in patients using home healthcare technologies

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Cisco survey of global health leaders reveals that collaboration holds greatest potential for health sector innovation

Respondents identify telehealth as untapped area of growth

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ICT research: EU funded clinical workstation will help accurately detect breast cancer

Each year 350,000 new cases of breast cancer are detected in the European Union, but a lack of effective technology to assist in cases that are difficult to diagnose means some cases go undetected or are incorrectly diagnosed. The EU is investing €3.1 million to develop better and quicker breast cancer diagnostics through the HAMAM project

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New clinical study shows telehealth patients experience a significant improvement in care and quality of life

Royal Philips Electronics has supported a research project that shows heart failure patients who used an interactive telehealth system with motivational support tools at home spent less time in hospital and felt their quality of life had significantly improved over 12 months evaluation period