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Time up for Member States to tune TV rules to digital age

Two years after the adoption of modernising EU TV rules removing outdated restrictions on digital TV over the internet, video on demand and mobile TV, only three countries – Belgium, Romania and Slovakia – have officially notified the European Commission of measures putting them in place, as required under EU law

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European Commission wants airwaves freed-up by move to digital TV to work for swift economic recovery

As digital TV replaces our old analogue TV, four-fifths of the airwaves that used to carry TV broadcasts to our homes will be freed up. This means that they can be used for new, innovative services that use radio spectrum, from wireless internet and more advanced mobile phones to new interactive and high-definition TV channels

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How to transform the "digital dividend" into consumer benefits and up to €50 billion in economic growth for Europe?

The change from analogue to digital TV in Europe will free up radio frequencies for use by new services. The EU is well placed to benefit from this “digital dividend”: Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders) and major areas in Austria have already switched off analogue terrestrial TV transmissions, and other EU countries will follow by 2012. On 12 June, the USA also switched to digital TV transmissions