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Yankee Group's 2011 predictions: 4G emerges slowly but changes everything

Researchers predict key 4G deployment and adoption trends driving anywhere connectivity

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Consolidating the cloud through IT automation

Virtualization promises new levels of automation for IT systems, but it runs on a network needing a lot of manual tinkering - like 70s era management practices. The network automation business had done a poor job of automating itself, and the gap is growing between increasing intervention demands - more IP addresses, more change, more new initiatives - and policies and practices that have been around for decades. Flexibility means complexity, and resulting loss of control

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Coming soon to a screen near you - the future of video

What will be the business, and societal, impact of mobile telepresence? How will video be delivered to the handset, let alone ultra HDTV to the home? When will the desktop be the dominant locale for affordable multiparty video conferencing and when will we see mobile deployment in LTE and WiMAX settings? What sort of backbone technology can bear the load?