Salvo Global announces Telecoms Pricing Masterclass 2009 in Hong Kong

Date: Thu, 07/30/2009 - 13:29

Salvo Global announces Telecoms Pricing Masterclass 2009 in Hong Kong

“Implementing effective pricing, bundling and charging strategies that optimise revenues and profitability”

Salvo Global today announced that it is organizing a public workshop for telecoms pricing professionals in Hong Kong for both fixed and mobile services. The workshop scheduled for 2 and 3 November 2009 in Hong Kong will enable pricing professionals to more fully understand the evolving pricing industry structure, how it is changing, its survival or growth, revenue/cash generation, profit generation, return on investment, retail and wholesale pricing schemes and market segmentation.
The workshop which is organised by Salvo Global based in Singapore will see an
audience from leading North Asian, South East Asian and Oceania regions telecoms providers and regulators.
Pricing professionals who attend the course are provided with an overview on the main trends on 2009, forecast for 2010, the 7Ps of marketing mix, sources of revenue, drivers of cost in telecoms networks, Porter’s Five Forces model in pricing strategy, pricing for communication, tactical pricing and combating price wars, managing the credit crunch and implementing a bullet proof pricing strategy for mobile and fixed lines.
Regularly updated information on the Telecoms Pricing Masterclass 2009 can be found at

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