PPC at the 2010 ANGA Cable Show

Date: Mon, 04/26/2010 - 18:58

For more than 65 years, PPC has single-mindedly focused on the improvement of the connector/cable interface for the cable, broadband, and satellite industries
PPC at the 2010 ANGA Cable Show

As a testimony to this commitment, PPC will present several solution-based products for European cable service providers and installers that are designed to maintain constant signal continuity while providing high electrical performance, long-term stability, and advanced protection against corrosion.
The result is a higher-integrity network for service providers, reducing service calls and customer churn for a healthy bottom line.

PPC® products on display at the 2010 ANGA Cable Show:

EXPlus™ Continuity Connector
At the 2010 ANGA Cable Show, PPC® will showcase the EXPlus™ continuity connector. This innovative device employs a revolutionary feature that prevents RFI ingress and maintains constant signal continuity even when the nut is loose. EXPlus creates an optimal connection and reduces network degradation issues and service calls due to a less-than-finger-tight connection.

PPC® Perfect Flex™ Line of Broadband Coaxial Cables — Superior Electrical Performance, Micro-Crack Resistant
The Perfect Flex™ line of broadband coaxial cables incorporates PPC®'s extensive knowledge of the cable industry into a cost-effective, high-performance line of coaxial cable products. The Perfect Flex Coaxial Cable offers electrical performance of up to 3 GHz for future-ready installation, micro-crack resistance with superior flexibility, advanced corrosion inhibitors for lasting quality, ANSI/SCTE 74 2003 (SCTE specification for braided 75 Ohm flexible RF coaxial drop cable) and NEC compliance, and CATV and CATVR usability. Perfect Flex Coaxial Cables are also made from 100 percent RoHS-compliant material, using the latest eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

PPC® Locking HDMI Cable — Superior High-Quality Performance With Secure-Hold™
PPC®'s unique Locking HDMI Cable, a patented locking device that grips a port with 10 times the strength of conventional connectors, enables average port retention of 25 pounds while reducing cable fall-out headaches that lead to truck rolls and system down time. The device delivers top-quality 1080p HDTV video and Dolby® Digital DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio, features the distinctive strength and flexibility afforded by PPC's Perfect Flex™ jacket, and can be installed easily without tools.

MoCA® Tight™ Weather-Sealed Filter and MoCA Ground Block Plus Filter
As in-home networking service continues to grow, so does the need to provide subscribers with the security needed and the multiroom DVR experience expected. A leader in connector and filter technology for more than 65 years, PPC® will showcase its line of patent-pending MoCA® filters at the 2010 ANGA Cable Show.
The PPC MoCA filter includes an integrated weather seal, ensuring long-term stability and protection against corrosion. The MoCA ground block combines a ground block and MoCA filter into a single device. Fewer connection points and less chance of tampering make PPC's newest line of MoCA filters something every tech-savvy home needs to get a multiroom DVR system ready faster and more safely.

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