Israel displays the latest broadcast technologies at IBC Expo in Amsterdam

Date: Thu, 09/09/2010 - 11:50

Controlling TV by body gestures, search engine integrated into your set-top box, interactive advertisements on TV and passive rating measurement are only part of the innovations displayed at the Israeli Pavilion

Israel displays the latest broadcast technologies at IBC Expo in Amsterdam

The annual broadcast and media expo IBC 2010 taking place in Amsterdam (10 -14.9) engages tens of thousands professionals in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content from around the world. Among over a thousand of exhibitors, 23 Israeli Hightech Companies are gathering at Israel's national Pavilion organized by the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) and Israel's Ministry of Industry & Trade commercial attachés. The Israeli display highlights the latest broadcasting trends – ranging from hardware, through content management, to new user experience.
According to Avi Hefetz, CEO of the IEICI, the broadcast market demand for innovative, flexible, new-media solutions provide Israeli companies with a significant advantage. Israeli solutions are addressing the merging fields of broadcast, internet and mobile communications, enabled by expanding deployment of broadband cable and satellite networks, "this transformation changes the media landscape, opening new opportunities for the Israeli innovators, offering huge business opportunities for the early adapters" said Hefetz.

Redefining Interactivity
Among the Israeli innovations at the show is new 3D sensing technology, from PrimeSense, enabling the use of body gestures to remotely control and interact with consumer electronic devices. PrimeSense technology is embedding in the new Kinect for the Microsift Xbox, enabling hands-free remote control. The new product will be launched in November 2010. Another technology by zRRo enables remote control of TV functions by biometric identification and hands gesture. Playcast will demonstrate an interactive gaming solution, at the show, managed by cable and IPTV networks, utilizing the set-to-box in place of the traditional gaming console.

TV Search Technologies
Orca Interactive, a subsidiary of France Telecom is showing the Compass content discovery and customization service at IBC, enabling users to discover interesting content through recommendations based on past behavior of individual viewers, inputs from social recommendations, popularity-based references, semantic algorithms and collaborative filtering.
Idioma is introducing its new LiveSearch. When installed into the user's STB. This live search enables users to search for specific content through live, broadcast channels. Other companies are providing the means of distribution for interactive, rich content. For example, ADI is displaying Receiver Decoders, Multiplexers, and Decryptors, used by operators to distribute multiple transmission streams (TS) including High Definition (HD). RAD Group's Channelot, a leading provider of digital TV transmitters has designed measures to enable the distribution of Mobile-TV transmissions even in difficult areas, such as city centers, or remote rural areas.
Screenpeaks is demonstrating automatic conversion of content from the internet to TV. These enable services such as the BBC and Voice of America to directly reach audience in conflict regions on the globe, while bypassing censorship of countries like Iran and North Korea. PeerTV is introducing an advanced family of digital Set Top Boxes (STB) connecting simultaneously to the TV and to the Internet, enabling the reception of both live channels and Video On Demand over IPTV networks.
Broadcast technology specialist Bluebird TV is offering rapid setup of broadcast studios, distribution and services. Celeno and Tangotec are introducing new wire and wireless solutions bypassing the limited home wiring infrastructure, with advanced broadband connectivity.

Content Management & Distribution
Among the companies highlighting content distribution, is another field of expertise of Israeli companies. At IBC Discretix is showing its new SecurePlayer extending the delivery of premium content to any connected device, including smartphones, tablet computers, netbooks, internet enabled TVs and hybrid STBs, allowing secure content streaming and downloading, with operator permission and control, without any dependency on pre-installed devices software.
Managing content at the broadcaster's site is simplified by Broadtec's MYTV system - an integrated broadcast management system that reduces average play list production time by half, while improving the efficiency of content’s commercials and play list management. Sintec Media will also display broadcast management solutions already implemented with major broadcasters including ABC, CBC, BBC and NBC.
Tvinci, offering compelling content delivery tools, extending content available with PAYTV premium services to new customers, over internet connected (IPTV) devices, notebook tablet computers and mobile phones. Kaltura is displaying advanced systems offering publishers, service providers, developers, and educational institutions an easily accessible, video publishing tool, supporting online and on mobile devices. Racana is displaying content management and delivery, relying on a cloud-based 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) model, supporting direct or channel marketing. Pontis is launching at IBC a new, personalized, contextual marketing and selling solution for TV operators, originally designed to boost usage of VOD and premium channels. The system is already installed with leading TV service providers, offering customized, personalized content to users.

Advertising services
Innovative advertising solutions are also displayed here by SeamBI, enabling advertisers to dynamically integrate into specific commercial product placements defined within their productions. This new method offers sponsors to embed their products into the content after the content has already been produced, thus blending into the fabric of the show where users are most engaged. JustAd.TV is demonstrating its new advertising format, enabled over non-linear TV content. Integrated into the STB, the 'embedAds' format ads blend into the TV content in on-demand or recorded viewing.

Rating Innovations
Advancements in the field of rating are also displayed by several Israeli companies, including WaveBreak, offering passive viewer metering for the measurement of viewer exposure to programs and commercials. The system extends metering beyond current services, into personalized, TV/IPTV content.
Actus Digital has developed an enterprise level system for content management, monitoring and analysis.

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