Bluetooth SIG launches Website to help consumers find Bluetooth enabled devices

Date: Fri, 01/16/2009 - 13:23

Bluetooth Gadget Guide lets users find the perfect companion for their current Bluetooth products

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) launched a new consumer tool on Bluetooth.com, the Bluetooth Gadget Guide, to help consumers match their current Bluetooth enabled devices to companion products.   
The  Bluetooth Gadget Guide helps users find products based on the gadget they already have, gives instructions on how to connect gadgets, and shows what gadgets have capability to print, stream stereo music, transfer data and more with Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth Gadget Guide is one of many applications  available on Bluetooth.com  for consumers who already have a Bluetooth product or are looking at what products to buy.    
“A single Bluetooth enabled gadget is like one hand clapping – it doesn’t do the trick. But put two hands – or two gadgets – together and the outcome is a fantastic experience.  What we have created is a comprehensive way for consumers to find the perfect Bluetooth products to achieve the exact wireless experience they are looking for,” said Michael Foley, Ph.D, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG.  “The Bluetooth Gadget Guide works in symphony with our Product Directory and Experience Icons to ensure a positive Bluetooth experience.”
Using a simple three-step process, the Bluetooth Gadget Guide walks consumers through selecting the two Bluetooth enabled products they are interested in, then supplies product descriptions, information on all the Bluetooth experiences possible with the pair of devices, and product availability for each device.  Built for easy navigation, users can browse available gadgets by scrolling through product pictures and descriptions.  Filters allow consumers to search by a specific Bluetooth device or by experience, such as streaming music or wireless gaming.  Visitors will be able to choose from a comprehensive list of products or type in their product for a personalized search.  The Bluetooth Gadget Guide also gives consumers access to complete pairing instructions for their specific combination of products, avoiding the hassle of following two instruction manuals to pair a set of devices. 
“The Bluetooth SIG is always looking for ways to make it easy for consumers to get the most out of their Bluetooth devices and find the newest products from our member companies,” said Kevin Keating, global marketing director for the Bluetooth SIG.  “The Bluetooth Gadget Guide helps make Bluetooth.com the only place to find qualified Bluetooth enabled devices, and tells consumers how much more than can do with Bluetooth technology. It’s a premiere showcase of our member companies’ product lines.”
The Bluetooth SIG has partnered with its more than 11,000 member companies to create the Bluetooth Gadget Guide  and ensure it remains the most up-to-date, comprehensive listing available to consumers.  Members are invited to enter new product information once they pass through the Bluetooth SIG’s qualification program.

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