WiTech supporting both LTE and WiMAX technologies in its TEA™ family of business case analysis tools

Date: Fri, 02/27/2009 - 15:54

WiTech S.p.A., a leading consulting & engineering and solutions company active in the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) field, announced that LTE technology, in addition to WiMAX, is now supported in its TEA™ family of business case analysis tools

WiTech supporting both LTE and WiMAX technologies in its TEA™ family of business case analysis tools

TEA|LTE™ and TEA|WiMAX™ are powerful and unique applications that WiTech has built over five years of extensive industry experience supporting major operators and equipment suppliers in several strategic initiatives and projects. The tools enable thorough techno-economic analyses in support of accurate and reliable business cases for LTE and WiMAX initiatives in a fast and dependable manner.
TEA|LTE™ and TEA|WiMAX™ allow analyzing the business case for a 4G network initiative with a holistic approach, in an integrated, iterative way. The tools feature comprehensive market and revenue forecast models, well calibrated technical modeling tailored to the WiMAX and LTE technologies, calculation of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and detailed Profit & Loss with close evaluation of key performance indicators.
A fast and simplified configuration of more than 500 different input variables and assumptions (with suggested/best-practice-recommended values) allows a fine-tuned setting of the tools. An interactive, dashboard-styled and very easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) provides users with optimum interactivity and the ability to perform fine-grained scenario & sensitivity analyses to align the business case with a company’s strategies, analyzing the influence of parameter changes and the consequence of fundamentally changed boundary conditions in real time.
At the end of the analyses, a very detailed report is automatically compiled and published in editable and PDF formats. The report contains a complete summary (with tables, diagrams and charts) of input parameters and assumptions, the results of the market analysis, the outcome of the technical modeling, and the economic and financial statements for up to ten years.
“Building carrier-class WiMAX and LTE networks is and will remain a complex undertaking and the initial planning stage is very critical for setting a solid foundation for the success of the initiative. In these uncertain economic times, there is no room for risky and poorly analyzed decisions. With TEA|LTE™ joining TEA|WiMAX™, we provide 4G players with a powerful set of tools to help define their business cases and allocate their budgets more reliably, entering into the network planning and design phase more confidently” said Andrea Calcagno, founder and CEO of WiTech.

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